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Factory supplying industrial wooden furniture for export

We are a company manufacturing wooden furniture in Vietnam specializing in manufacturing industrial wood furniture products for export to countries around the world. You are a foreign partner who has a need to buy industrial furniture for export to your own countries, but you have not found a manufacturing unit in Vietnam.

[caption id="attachment_3440" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Factory supplying industrial wooden furniture for export Factory supplying industrial wooden furniture for export[/caption] Duong Gia kitchen cabinet furniture company specializes in manufacturing and processing industrial wood furniture such as; industrial wood bed, industrial wood wardrobe, table and chair, bookshelf, lavabo cabinet, wooden kitchen cabinet, desk, bar table, TV shelf, shoe cabinet...etc and some interior products other industrial wood. Our products are ready to be exported to countries around the World.

I. How is the exported industrial wood furniture made?

Exported industrial wood furniture is furniture that is used industrial wood in the furniture production process with many advantages such as no warping, no cracking, especially low price. Exported industrial wood does not have to go through the impregnation and drying process like natural wood. Industrial wood furniture is divided into 2 parts called wood code and the surface covered on wood code. 

1. Distinguishing types of industrial wood codes today

Industrial wood also has many types that are produced and used for different purposes. Each type of industrial wood has different qualities and prices. Here are some industrial wood codes for you to easily distinguish in the process of choosing to use. [caption id="attachment_1499" align="aligncenter" width="800"]The above is a general catalog of industrial wood codes currently posted on the market for you to distinguish. The above is a general catalog of industrial wood codes currently posted on the market for you to distinguish.[/caption] + Code of industrial wood MFC: is the code of wood chipboard, also known as pressed sawdust, in terms of quality is average and has the cheapest price of all the above wood codes. + Code of MDF industrial wood: is wood code pressed from wood pulp with better quality than MFC industrial wood and of course the price of MDF is also higher. This is the most common and most commonly used wood in furniture production today. + Code of HDF industrial wood: is a type of board that is superior to MDF due to its soundproofing properties, stronger rigidity. are often used in high-end interior design and are less commonly used in higher prices. + Code of industrial wood Plywood: is a type of board that uses peeled and glued natural wood, also known as plywood (water-resistant board), this is a type of board with good water resistance and strength thanks to the good application of the properties of wood. Natural, environmentally friendly, safe for users. With the above types of wood codes, depending on the purpose of use as well as the requirements of the manufacturer, another important part is related to the price of the product that we can cover with different types of surfaces. .

2. What kind of surface is good for industrial wood furniture?

In addition to paying attention to the wood code, the surface covered on the wood code is also different. The cost of each type is also different depending on the quality and requirements. For each type of surface, they are arranged in the sequence below. Depending on the intended use, we can cover the melamine surface; paint or acrylic...vvv + Industrial paint surface ichem, S8: With a product line that requires perfection as well as high aesthetics, complex details, otherwise the painted surface will be handled. + Melamine-coated surface: is the most commonly used surface and accounts for the majority of the most common in the interior design today. In addition, the melamine surface is often designed as a cabinet for interior products, while the wings will use different surfaces or combine many types of surfaces. + Laminate surface : with this surface, the color is similar to the melamine surface, but the quality is different. LAMINATE has a much higher quality as well as perfection. Therefore, this laminate furniture product is used for high-end products with high prices. + Acrylic coated surface: The surface of acrylic material has a high gloss shine that other materials do not have. For products that require high gloss, the choice of acrylic is number 1. Acrylic materials are often used in making kitchen cabinets, wardrobes...etc.

II. What are the items of exported industrial wood furniture?

Exported wooden furniture is the same as other wooden furniture in the family. These are basically home furniture items that will include a number of different pieces of furniture divided into each room in the house such as; Living room furniture, Bedroom furniture, Kitchen furniture, Bedroom furniture, Church room furniture....vvv These are the basic rooms that will be in a family and have the following levels of furniture: Kitchen cabinets, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, TV shelves, study desks, desks, bookshelves, shelves decoration, decorative wall, altar, cnc wall, bed, bedside cabinet, dressing table, lavabo cabinet...etc With these furniture you can use natural wood, but these days natural wood is increasingly scarce and also less. help contribute to environmental protection as well as provide more friendly products we provide wooden furniture exported to countries around the world with industrial wood

III. Factory producing industrial wooden furniture for export in Vietnam

Duong Gia Kitchen Cabinet Furniture Company is the address to receive design consultancy on industrial wood furniture samples for foreign partners. bring industrial wood furniture products to countries around the world. If you have a need to order wooden furniture, please contact us to countries such as: Duong Gia kitchen cabinet furniture company is a factory of industrial wood furniture, currently we only have a factory in; Hanoi But with many years of experience in the production of industrial wooden furniture. We can advise you and your family exactly on the most accurate types of natural wood, industrial wood, materials, accessories in the design and construction of the home interior in the most accurate way. If you have a need for advice on design and construction of industrial wood furniture in Hanoi, please contact us by phone: 0967926663. In addition, if you are a construction or interior design company, you have a need to find reputable partners who are industrial wood furniture factories for orders to serve the needs of exporting to other countries. We are a reputable unit that will also be a good choice because of reasonable prices, guaranteed quality for prestigious works with the following commitments: + In terms of cost: When you come to us, you will receive the most reasonable quotation, enter the factory to see the types of materials and wood materials that will be used to make your furniture. + In terms of time: meeting directly with the technician of the factory. If you assign work to an intermediary unit, they have to hand it over to the factory, which means you have to wait for one more stage. + Diverse production: Receive construction of natural wood furniture (oak, peach, walnut ...) , specialize in construction of industrial wood furniture (MFC, HDF, MDF, Veneer, laminate, acrylic ...). Can be built in neoclassical and modern styles. If you have a need to buy our export furniture, please contact us in a number of ways as follows. We are willing and very happy to cooperate with all of you in the world, develop together.

[caption id="attachment_3531" align="aligncenter" width="1366"]Mẫu tủ bếp nhựa Acrylic + Melamine. Đây là sự kết hợp hài hòa giữa hai vật liệu để giúp giá thành sản phẩm tốt hơn industrial wood furniture for export, industrial wood furniture for export, industrial wood furniture for export[/caption]